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Help Ampgermanyru

Dear Friends.
We ask you friendly for help, that we can make a shooting holiday with new models in 2018.
These kind of trips are very expensive and without your help we are not able to finance this any more.
We hope that we can produce more new videos and photos in 2018 and we thank you for your help.
Please help to stay alive what you love. Honest and with respect for our work.

Thank you
yours Jasmin


Please note that each of our products is for private use only, and that nothing is allowed to be published or shared.

To be a model on AmpgermanyRu:

  • Do you have an amputation?
  • Do you want to be a model on my website?
  • Please send an email to:

We offer:

  • Above-average payment
  • We pay all travel costs / food costs
  • We go to beautiful places (such as holiday islands or luxury hotels)
  • Privacy (filming in a comfortable environment so the model is at her ease)
  • We respect the wishes of our models regarding clothing ect.